Get Creative: Ideas To Keep Your Elderly In-Laws Entertained and Active

Boredom is a formidable enemy to the elderly. It is vital, for the aging, to stay busy with something; be it an activity, a hobby, or a game. Entertaining the elderly can be a frustrating task at times. It is important to be prepared; arm yourself with plenty of ideas for activities. Your in-laws may be resistant, at first, to your suggestions. Be kind and persistent and they will likely come around. The following are a handful of ideas to help keep your elderly in-laws entertained and, more importantly, engaged in the world around them.

Arts and Crafts
Simple projects are a great way to keep your elderly in-laws busy. Easily done indoors, these ideas are weather-proof and don’t require stepping foot outside the house. Scrap booking is very popular with elderly women, especially, and provides a great trip down memory lane. Knitting is another craft that elderly people tend to enjoy. To keep up with an aging population, manufacturers now make knitting tools specifically designed for seniors. Woodworking is a fantastic option that helps keep motor skills active. Each of these ideas are easy to pick up at the beginner level, making them ideal for the elderly. Most importantly, learning a new hobby stretches the brain and provides attainable goals. Talk to your in-laws about picking up any of these hobbies and be sure to listen to any suggestions they may have.

Senior Center Activities
No matter where you live, there is probably a senior center near. If your in-laws are able to get out of the house, do your best to get them connected with a local center. These centers provide a way to interact with others their same age and are a wonderful resource for classes. If your in-laws are active enough to exercise, get them involved in a senior exercise class. Many seniors enjoy swimming, aerobics, even yoga classes. Staying physically active will provide countless health benefits to your in-laws.

Games for the Mind
One of the most productive things your elderly in-laws can do is exercise their minds. Working a daily crossword puzzle is a fantastic way to keep an aging brain active and challenged. Board games are another fun way to work the brain; ZengoScrabble, Grey Matters Trivia, and Monopoly are all great choices. If they are up for the challenge, suggest your in-laws learn to play chess. Start a new tradition by hosting family game night once a week. This will give your in-laws something special to look forward to and keep them practicing throughout the week.

Entertaining your elderly in-laws is not an easy job; armed with the proper tools and perspective, however, it is possible to keep them active. Your hard work and determination will be rewarded in the end when your in-laws are happy and content.